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Your Healthy Adventure Awaits

What is Your Healthy Adventure Awaits?


Meet Steve

Steve Carter / owner of Caleb Works Inc

 husband, friend, entrepreneur, was raised by a mom who found herself single. As the second oldest of 9, he saw firsthand the effects of the worry and uncertainty in a household stretching its limited food and money supply.  It helped shape his "there is always something you can do" attitude toward life. 

His 20 + years in the fire service also provided him with the most unique classroom in discovering the remarkable strength and frailty of the human mind, body, and spirit. Driven by timeless truths, thru business, he is able to empower and equip others as they pursue making simple changes, taking personal ownership for improving their health and well being. 

Steve and Sue married for 30+ years, enjoy family and friends, the outdoors, creative projects, music, glamping and stand up paddling.


 Meet Our Members

Core Values

Eating healthy makes a huge difference but this is only part of the solution for sustaining a healthy lifestyle. If we choose to eat healthy and surround ourselves with people who are on the same page we can truly see a long-lasting difference in how we live our lives. 

Steve Carter thinks the tag line Your Healthy Adventure Awaits sums up this reality, providing a community platform for individuals of all ages to connect with other like-minded people.

If you like what you've read and seen here, consider this; "If we were to meet here say 1 year from today - and you were to look back over that year, to today — what has to have happened during that period, both personally and/or professionally, for you to be happy with your progress?"

Now just take the next step and join the community, Your Healthy Adventure Awaits!

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